Catherine Azar is owner and operator of Windhorse Advanced Healing

My first Rhodesian Ridgeback, Lily, was my heart dog, even before I knew what a heart dog was. She had a rough start in life, orphaned at 3 weeks. Whether it was that, or just her lot in life, or her karma, she had health challenges throughout her life. One of those challenges was seasonal allergies, and she was pretty much miserable from Spring until the first frost, with a little let-up to the itching during the mid-summer months.  I tried everything for her, from over-the-counter (Benedryl) to prescribed medications, topical applications, herbs, you name it. Things helped, but nothing really took care of the root problem, and she was often miserable.

One summer I was working at a horse show in Albuquerque, doing bodywork on my client’s horses there. I ran into a colleague, who was working with a device called the Bicom, a bioresonance system, like a biofeedback machine that worked with physical issues in the body.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, the Bicom is best known around the world for its success with allergies. I asked if we could treat Lily for her allergies, and my friend said to bring her to the stall where she was working, and we would treat her. I could see that she enjoyed the session, relaxing and allowing the programs to run. After, I saw a marked improvement in her symptoms, and I was so impressed that I vowed to not only pursue finding someone in my area to work with, but I made a commitment to myself that I was going to purchase this device and add it to my offerings as an animal bodyworker.  I actually was able to find a veterinarian using the Bicom technology in Boulder, who has since retired. After I took Lily to her, she experienced so much relief that she literally had the best summer of her life.  My commitment grew, and I knew that I had to have this device to use in order to deepen my work and my life.

Long story short, I got my own Bicom optima device, an upgraded version of the original machine, and have now been offering sessions for over two years across the country. I have seen results, sometimes miraculous, for allergies (chronic and acute), food sensitivities, intestinal issues including ulcers and colitis, Cushings disease, Chronic Lyme Disease, orthopedic issues, pain and inflammation, Candida, vaccinosis (vaccine damage), and the list goes on.  Daily, I see how I have been blessed to do this healing work in the world of companion animals, as well as canine and equine athletes, and I so look forward to being able to reach more and more of those who seek to move toward greater health for their four legged friends.

Keep an eye out for Catherine at upcoming Struttin Pup events where you can ask her questions – and of course you can contact her directly as well. Phone is 303-818-2867, Email is and Website

Catherine Azar, formerly of Windhorse Therapies, has worked as a bodyworker with animals for nearly 20 years. Her work has taken her from coast to coast, working with high level competitive Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, and Three Day Event horses. For the past several years, her focus has shifted toward canine companions and athletes. With this shift, and a change of name to Windhorse Advanced Healing, Catherine offers Bicom optima and Class IV laser treatments to your four legged family members and athletes .