We have put together some natural remedies to help your pet keep calm this Fourth of July.

As you can imagine we’re coming up on the dogcatcher’s busiest day of the year.  In the US, there are more dogs found wandering loose on July 4th than any other day of the year.  And for good reason; parades with loud sirens and fireworks are not a dogs best friend.  I could also hypothesize that all the outside grilling could make some dogs jump the fence in hope of snatching a hotdog too!  Seriously though, having an anxious dog on the Fourth of July is no laughing matter.  Many pets (cats too) will whimper, hide, pace, bark, meow, or even become aggressive from the stress.

6 Tips to Keep Your Pet Calm

1.  Exercise early on and throughout the day.  Just like it is with people, exercise is a great way to manage stress.  Toss a frisbee play fetch with a chuckit or simply go for a run or walk. Cat’s can play too!  Interactive toys like Da Bird or playing with a laser light, can help reduce tension.

2.  Keep your pets inside during parades and fireworks.  If possible, turn on the air-conditioning and keep the windows and curtains closed.  If you, or any other human, can stay at home with your pet, that is ideal.  If not, crating is a wonderful option – IF they are already used to and comfortable being crated.  If they’re not used to being crated, set up a special place (dogs tend to prefer small areas like a bathroom or walk-in closet) with blankets and a few favorite toys. White noise or calm music is also a great way to drown out the sound of fireworks. Make sure your pets have access to water and that your cats have access to their litter box too.

3.  Stop by Struttin Pup and pick up a ThunderShirtSwaddling worked for my kids and it can work for your pet too!  The Thundershirt applies a gentle, constant pressure on a pet’s torso and has been shown to reduce anxiety in approximately 80% of pets who wear it.

4.  Are your pets wearing a properly fitted collar with up to date contact information on their ID tags?  Just in case your pet decides to become an escape artist, you’ll want to make sure they can get back home to you.

5.  You may not think about your pet’s stomach when anticipating anxiety, but many pets tend to have diarrhea, gas or digestive upset when dealing with stress, like fireworks.  In Clover’s OptaGest
can help prevent these unwanted side effects of stress.

6.  Use one of the many calming aids available at Struttin Pup.  Sweet Potato Chews containing chamomile, Merlin’s Magic Calming Spray, Rescue Remedy for Pets, Daisy Paw aromatic collar companions and Pet Releaf CBD oils and treats.

Stay safe and have a wonderful 4th of July!