Passionate about pets

Struttin Pup Dog Boutique and Bath is founded on a love of pets and a passion for long lasting health. We are one of Boulder County’s oldest and most established pet stores.  Everyday we are motivated by helping pets live their happiest, healthiest lives by solving any problem we can – naturally. We specialize in thoughtful, friendly, and customized care, serving your whole dog through the best groomers, holistic products, and a network of resources in East Boulder County.

Grub was a small, black, feral kitten named Bella when she came to Struttin Pup in 2003. But the name Bella never quite suited her. Julie was going through a Jane Goodall phase and the name Grub (Jane’s son, Hugo’s, nickname) seemed more appropriate, considering the cat’s propensity to help herself to food from the shelves when she gets hungry.  Grub has settled down a bit in her middle age, and these days you will often find her sunbathing in the front windows.

Soozee, has been grooming dogs in Boulder County for 17 years , 10 of which have been at Struttin Pup.  She says, “we have the the best people and the best customers I’ve ever worked with.”  When Soozee is not slingin’ dog hair, her two children keep her busy.  She also enjoys painting, drawing, sewing, crocheting hats, cute little animals and listening to really loud music!

Heather, grew up in Arvada, Colorado and has been grooming at Struttin Pup for 13 years.  She has 2 dogs and one cat and loves everything about them.  Heather likes going to the movies and spending time with family and friends.

Brooke, grew up in Boulder and Nederland. She went to Fashion Design School, but following graduation found it wasn’t her calling. In 2000, Brooke received her grooming certification and figured out what she was going to do with her life!  After ten years of grooming, she decided to focus on a career in pet nutrition and management.  In 2012, after spending a few years in California, she headed back to Colorado to join Struttin Pup.  She says; “here I have the opportunity to make animals live a long and healthy life.  What could be better than that?”  At home she is entertained by her cat BamBam, who loves playing with the strings on her hoodies and bottle caps.

Melissa R, was raised on a family farm in Colorado. As a child she was involved in 4-H  and has owned and worked with a variety of animals including goats, chickens, sheep, horses, birds, hamsters cats and dogs.  Melissa always had an affinity for grooming; bathing and brushing the family pets and volunteering to groom neighbor’s horses.  In 2002 she apprenticed with a Master Groomer and has been grooming dogs professionally for 15 years now.  When not grooming, she enjoys reading, writing, drawing, sculpting and watching movies.  Melissa says “I am currently owned and loved by a miniature poodle and tabby cat.”

Ryan can’t claim he is native to Colorado but he is sure happy to call it home. He is  close to completion on a degree in Environmental Science and loves the outdoors.  He is an avid rock climber, disc golfer, snowboarder, hiker, and mountain biker.  Even with his active lifestyle, he sometimes struggles to keep up with his crazy dog, Roxy, she enjoys jumping fences, frolicking, climbing trees, chasing squirrels and other dog’s toys at the park, and always brings him a genuine smile.