Our Products

Carefully selected, with your pet in mind.

We believe good food that is made with natural, whole, quality ingredients and is free of additives, antibiotics, and hormones, is at the heart of your pet’s health.  We have found that many health problems, from itchy skin and bad breath, to more complicated issues, can be solved by matching the right food with your pet’s needs. We are here to help you do that, because the right foods can make all the difference.

From Farm to Bowl - Healthy Food

JERF – Just Eat Real Food.  We believe in it for people as well as their pets.  It’s why we carry a full range of wholesome and natural food lines that even the most discerning pet owners approve of. Depending on your pet’s needs, we have a large and carefully selected collection of foods.

Raw Food like Small Batch – a family owned company, who source their organic herbs and vegetables as well as their hormone and antibiotic free meats, locally and sustainably.

Dry Foods like Earthborn Holistic – a company who cares about the nutritional needs of your pets as well as the environment and shows it by using high-quality ingredients as well as programs such as bag recycling and UPC’s for Trees – make feeding simple yet nourishing.

Dehydrated foods like The Honest Kitchen – that provide your pet with 100% Human Grade Food made with minimally processed whole ingredients.

Canned food like Nature’s Logic –  provideyour pet with complete nutrition using only 100% natural ingredients – 0% synthetic, 100% whole food sourced.  Whatever your pet’s health conditions are, we’ve got you covered.

For Humans

Just Eat Real Food extends beyond pets at Struttin Pup. You’ll find an assortment of unique human products ranging from natural cleaning supplies,  Doterra Essential Oils, to Whole 30 approved RX Bars – a whole food protein bar made with egg whites, fruits and nuts.

Bones + Biscuits

Struttin Pup has one of Boulder County’s largest selection of bones and biscuits to choose from. We have it all – from the longer lasting bone to save your dog from boredom, a training treat that will get your dog to sit up and pay attention, or a treat that doubles as a supplement to help your pet get added nutrition.

From local companies like Bixbi’s and Boulder Dog Food, who both use only USA-sourced meat and ingredients to Real Meat Treats, which are made from the finest free range grass fed meats with no added hormones or antibiotics. Quality is our main focus when searching for new treats to share with your dogs


Though its impact is enormous, sometimes food is simply not enough. Supplements, like Endurapet’s Daily Multi Vitamin, a Colorado company, can be used to enhance your pet’s overall well-being. Other supplements are often necessary to tackle your pet’s bigger issues like; allergies, joint mobility, tartar buildup and digestive upset. Boulder supplement company, In Clover, offers an array of 100% grain free, scientifically formulated, natural, human-quality products to address these issues.  And they work!  You’ll be amazed at how natural supplementation can change your pet’s life.

Toys, Collars, Beds & More

Keep your dog healthy, happy and lookin’ good with our wide selection of safe and eco-friendly toys, unique collars,  beds and more. Featuring companies such as Green Pup, a sustainable, socially conscious company that recycles mattresses and turns them into beautiful, comfortable and affordable dog beds to a wide variety of local Colorado companies like Walk-e-Woo who make amazing collars, leashes and toys.