While it certainly doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, they are!  Before you know it, we’ll have a house full of guests, be traveling, or at the very least, we’ll be a little stressed ourselves with all the things that need to be done for the holidays.  What does this mean for your pets?  As pet parents, we don’t need studies to tell us that our pets can feel emotions (but there are some cool studies about dog’s emotions…check it out!)  And just like us, our pets can feel the stress of the holidays and easily become overwhelmed.   Here’s some quick tips and products to help you and your pet have a more stress-free holiday!

  • Get Ready For Guests – If you’re planning on having guests over during the holidays, a refresher course in manners is a good idea.  Excited dogs can jump, bark, beg and otherwise annoy your guests who may not be as dog crazy as we are.  At the very least, give your dog lots of exercise before guests arrive.  You may want to create a safe room for your dog or cat where they can escape the chaos.  While in their safe room, keep your dog busy with a stuffed Kong (download or FREE recipe book!).
  • Routine – To decrease stress levels, stick to your regular routine.  Make sure meals, walks and playtime happen at the same time every day.  Set reminders on your phone so that you don’t have one more thing to remember this holiday season!
  • Essential Oils – When properly used, essential oils are a great way to help calm us and our pets.  Make sure to attend our free class on Saturday, November 12th from 10-11am as Chrissy Messick teaches us how to use essential oils to keep us all calm!  Call (303-665-3038) to RSVP and claim your free calming spritzer!
  • Pet Releaf – For situational anxiety issues like big holiday parties and traveling, whole plant CBD oil is wonderful – although it is not 100%. Nothing is 100%. Often times, the CBD will allow them to “chill out” or get enough of the anxiety under control that they can function. CBD does this by modulating the hyperactive transmission in the brain. Struttin Pup offers Pet Releaf Edibites, Hemp Oil and Hemp Oil Capsules.
  • Stress MintsWhile pets come first at Struttin Pup, we don’t forget about humans!  One of our most popular ‘human products” at Struttin Pup are peppermint lozenges that help relieve physical and mental tension, settle digestion and restore energy during hectic times, like the holidays!

Here’s to happy and safe holidays for all!