The countdown is on.  Christmas is in just a few days!  Imagine looking forward to a nice, quiet evening of enjoying the new book you received for Christmas. Cozying up by the fireplace sounds great, after all the forecast is for snow!  While you’ve been busy unwrapping presents, socializing with family and friends and getting the holiday dinner together, your dog has been patiently lounging around.  So, just as you are ready to sit down to relax, he bounces up, ready to play.  It’s been a long day and he’s ready to go!

Throw on that jacket and bundle up.  Your pup deserves to frolic in the snow, at least for a bit.  After a frigid frolic, you head inside and reach for your book.  But first you reach inside the freezer and grab the last present of the day…a stuffed, frozen holiday treat for your pup.  You’ll enjoy the peace and quiet it brings you and your dog will be ecstatic to have a delicious treat.

Struttin Pup has a free e-book of delicious recipes to stuff a Kong or Soda Pup toy.  You can grab your copy here.  As our holiday present to you, here are some bonus festive recipes that your dog will dig (and some will make you drool too!).  Have a wonderful holiday!

Holiday Bow Wow Bark

  • Mix Sunbutter or Almond Butter with Goat’s Milk (which is great for digestion and so much more.  Check out our blog about the benefits of goat’s milk here
  • Add crushed freeze dried fruits (like raspberries and blueberries) to your mixture
  • Stuff mixture inside your Soda Pup or Kong
  • Sprinkle with dehydrated pumpkin
  • Top with cinnamon
  • Freeze and serve!
  • OR, instead of stuffing your Soda Pup or Kong, place  mixture in a shallow dish, sprinkle with dehydrated pumpkin, top with cinnamon, freeze and break into pieces of bark.  This makes a great holiday treat for your pup as well as his neighborhood friends.

Holly Jolly Bites

You can use the following directions to stuff a Soda Pup or Kong OR you can use a fun shaped ice-cube tray and show off your culinary art!

  • Place dried cranberries, mint leaves and blueberries in the bottom of your tray to create a holly berry.
  • Add plain, organic yogurt
  • If you are using a stuffable toy instead of an ice-cube tray, just mix all ingredients together and stuff…your pup doesn’t care what it looks like!
  • Freeze and serve!

Pumpkin Pie Pupsicles

  • Mix together ½ tsp of cinnamon with a small amount of unsweetened applesauce and as much canned pumpkin as it takes to fill your stuffable toy (check out our blog about the benefits of pumpkin too!)
  • Stuff  your Soda Pup or Kong
  • Add a spear of carrot or sweet potato as your popsicle stick.
  • Free and serve!

Snowman Sabotage

  • Mix plain, organic yogurt with the following:
    1. “Charcoal” (Wholesomes Charcoal Dog Biscuits) taken from your snowman’s buttons
    2. Carrots taken from your snowman’s nose
  • Freeze and serve!