Don’t hurt your dog in the heat!

Yes, it’s Colorado.  Where it’s 85 degrees one day and snowing the next.  But summer really is here and Struttin Pup wants to make sure your dog stays safe and cool during the Dog Days of Summer!  Here’s how:

Keep ‘em home
Every summer, dogs die from being left in hot cars.  Unfortunately rolling down the windows doesn’t help.  In fact, studies show that an open window makes no difference.  Even when it’s only 75 degrees outside, the inside of a car will reach 100 degrees within 10 minutes.  So make sure you bring your dog INSIDE Struttin Pup when picking up his weekly supplies! Watch a little video here. 

Use dog boots
Heat rises from the ground, especially on surfaces like cement and rocks (think Fruita, Moab, Mt Sanitas).  Dogs absorb and release heat through their feet.  Every summer, vets treat dry, cracked and bloody dog pads because your dog wanted nothing more than to keep up with you on your hike or bike ride in the summer time.  Protect those tootsies…use booties

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
Dogs can’t sweat.  Know the signs of heat stroke:  heavy panting, lethargy, excessive drooling, bloodshot eyes, red gums and tongue, diarrhea, lack of coordination, and a rapid pulse.  Dogs with darker coats will absorb more heat than lighter coats, and overweight dogs are a higher risk of dehydration as well.  Make sure your dog has plenty of water at all times.  On hikes bring a H2O4K9 Water Bottle or bowl. Ruffwear Bivy Bowl

Keep your dog cool from the bottom up
Cool your dog’s paws and stomach, not just his head and back.  Putting down a cool, wet towel for your dog to lay on will do more good than placing it on the top of its coat.

Instead of going for a walk, head over to Coot Lake, Boulder Creek, Louisville’s Dog Park or anywhere else that your dog can get it’s feet wet and cool down!  Remember to keep your dog on a leash when and where they have to (Read Leashed or Unleashed) and mark your calendar for end of summer pool closings when they allow dogs in during the final weekend!