Here at Struttin Pup we are more than just a pet store.  We build community by providing fun and informative events. These events are a great opportunity for humans and fur babies to socialize.  Some dogs are cool as a cucumber around other dogs and people.  Other dogs are shy, fearful, aggressive or hyper when around other dogs and people.  Whether you have a social butterfly or a wallflower, we have put together some helpful tips that will help ensure that everyone has a great time, most especially your dog!

1. Always ask the owner if it is ok for you and your dog to interact with their dog before meeting.

2. Remain Calm.  Your dog can sense your anxiety through your body language.  Keep your dog’s leash loose.  Sometimes tension on the leash will communicate to your dog that you are nervous and will, in turn, make them nervous.

3. Have some high value treats (Struttin Pup will always have plenty of treats for you at our events) that can distract your dog’s attention back to YOU.  Treat your dog often for remaining calm and focused on you.

4. Pay attention to body language.  If your dog (or the dog you are meeting) stiffens their bodies, stares into the other dog’s eyes with their hair raised and teeth bared or lunges (even in excitement), put some space between them and give them time to calm and get used to each other from afar.

5.  Don’t feel guilty if your dog isn’t a social butterfly.  Your dog doesn’t need to be the life of the party, but he does need to BE social and NOT aggressive with other dogs. Keep a close eye on your dog and always keep him on leash.  If you think that he’s starting to feel overwhelmed, it’s best to be a wallflower and take a break from the action!